Protective Pad of Mattress

Protective pad of mattress is designed to prevent damage of mattress and increase its service life. Use of protective pad of mattress helps prevent damage to mattress in case of leakage of water or humidity and abrasion, and prevents entrance of pest into mattress and the antiallergy use of such pad helps a comfortable sleep.

Protective pad of mattress is made of polyester and cotton, presented in two forms of waterproof and humidity-proof.

Waterproof Protective Pad of Mattress

Waterproof protective pad of mattress usually has two levels. Upper layer is made of cotton and polyester, antibacterial and antiallergy. The lower layer is made of latex nano which prevent penetration of water. Should you use waterproof protective pad of mattress, cloth of mattress will not be damaged at all.

Humidity-Proof Protective Pad of Mattress

Humidity-proof protective pad of mattress is made of cotton, incl. three layers. Surface and below layers are made of anti-allergy and antibacterial cotton cloth. The middle layer is made of synthetic fiber. These layers are connected to each other through jumpi sewing, held on the mattress with the help of four elastic bands.

Pad of Mattress

You may choose various kinds of protective pad of mattress (bed sheet with elastic bands), pillowcases and cover of quilt in your favorite color, made of striped satin cloth, known as hotel cloth, for better sleep. Diverse colors attract any viewer.