Pillow made of Fiber

The most common pillow available in the market is pillow made of fiber. Notably, depending upon size and type of fiber, there are various types of pillows, pillow made of filament fiber, pillow made of fiber and pillow made of microfiber.

Pillow made of Feather

This pillow is classified into soft and luxury pillows suitable for hotels. Pricing of pillows made of feather is based on percentage of feather of wing and/or chest. The pillow will be softer and of higher-grade in case of use of more feathers from chest and neck.

Pillow made of wool

This pillow is made of natural fiber and has a good quality.

Pillow made of cotton

This pillow is made of cotton flowers and is antiperspirant. Pillow made of cotton is not washable.

Medical Pillow

Medical pillow is made of memory foam, which takes shape of head and neck considering body weight and temperature and absorb pressure exerted to pillow; thereby no force is exerted to head and neck. Medical pillow have various types and you must choose suitable types with regard to your body.